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Vocational School – Confirmed Way of Moving to Europe For Free

Vocational School – Confirmed Way of Moving to Europe For Free

Vocational Schools can be a way of moving to Europe for free, without having to pay tuition fees and even accommodation. But despite this opportunity this presents, a lot of people don’t know about this, and even those that know about it don’t know the requirements and also the necessary documents required. We will be uncovering all the information to will help you move to Europe easily in this article.


But you also have to know that it is not every country that makes its vocational schools tuition-free. Countries like the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, and New Zealand, may be hard when you are getting a study visa for vocational schools there. Read further to find out all you need to know about applying for a study visa at vocational schools.

How To Get Visa For Vocational Schools

Getting a visa for vocational schools is pretty straightforward if you have the necessary information. For instance, there are some countries that don’t offer free tuition or high tuition fees in their vocational schools. Some of them offer affordable fees but the cost of living in the country is very high. Here are some steps to getting a study visa to learn in vocational schools:

Online Application:

You can either apply for a study visa for vocational schools offline or online. To apply online, you need to go to the country’s website for a visa and apply there. Some countries will require you to create a student profile first before anything else. This process is very convenient as all the forms you need to fill out online and once you submit the necessary documents, depending on the country, you can get your application approved between 3 to 7 months.

Offline Application:

This is less convenient, but if you prefer this method, all you need to do is to print the application form and then fill them out and submit it to the required authorities. The process here can be a little bit longer, so be expecting a reply within 6 months to 1 year.

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Below are the general steps to take to get a visa for vocational schools:

 Apply to the vocational schools first:

The first step to take is to apply to the school you want to attend first, and you should always apply to free tuition schools. Once they approve your application to study, you can now move to the first step.

Apply to the embassy online or offline:

The next thing is to apply to the country’s embassy, either offline or online.

Make sure you are clear of the necessary requirements:

Make sure that you pass all the necessary requirements of the country before applying to avoid wasting your time.

Submit the necessary documents and information:

Submit the necessary documents and information that is required of you, this varies depending on the country, so make sure you find out. Don’t submit less or more than you are expected to provide.

Requirements For Getting a Study Visa In Europe

The following are the requirements if you are looking to apply for a study visa in any European country:

  • You must pass your IELTS test (depending on the country)
  • You must pass the necessary educational requirements
  • You must clear all your medical tests
  • Pass the minimum financial gross income
  • Pass the average educational score (some countries only accept students with first-class, while others accept those with second and even third class)

Documents Required For a Study Visa

Here are some of the documents that are required for you to be considered for a study visa in European countries:

  • Passport
  • 10 recent photographs
  • Official acceptance letter from the university
  • Visa fee receipts
  • Health test reports
  • Birth certificate
  • 10th mark sheet and certificate or equivalent
  • 12th mark sheet and certificate or equivalent
  • Proof of language proficiency
  • Financial reports
  • Other documents each country’s embassy may demand
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5 European Countries That Can Easily Grant Study Visa

Not every country in Europe can grant a study visa, some of them grant it after a lot of time and resources. Below are some of the European countries that offer study visas without much stress:



If you want to study in vocational schools, Finland can be one of the best places to seek a visa. Their vocational schools are classified into foreign students living in the country and foreign students living outside the country. All their vocational schools are free of charge and the cost of living is low.


Germany is another country where you can easily get a study visa for vocational schools. Some of their schools are free, while others are affordable. Their application process is as simple as going to their site and applying, submitting the necessary documents, and waiting for your application to be approved.


Norway is one of the few countries whose vocational schools are mostly tuition-free, you don’t need to pay a dime while studying. You are also taught the English language, so there is no fear of using the Norwegian language while studying.


Austria is another country where most people have not found out how free their vocational school can be. Their visa process doesn’t take a lot of time and you don’t also have to worry about the cost of living in the country.


Apart from the fact that most of the vocational schools in Iceland are free, it doesn’t take a long time to become a citizen of the country, just 5 years. The cost of living in the country is cheap and you can get your residency permit within a year of living in the country.

Tips And Tricks For Getting An European Visa Easily

Here are some tricks and tips which other people don’t know that can help you get a study visa in Europe:

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Do your research

One of the things that t those who were successful with their visa application process in Europe won’t tell you is how they did thorough research before applying. Doing your research will help you know the best time to apply, universities with free tuition, and countries with low costs of living.

Apply on time

Time is a very important factor when you are applying for a visa. Don’t listen to people who tell you to take your time when applying for a visa. A Visa application is processed according to the first people that applied. If your name is among the first applicants, you are more likely to be considered.

Check the visa requirements

A lot of people make the mistake of jumping on a visa application without first taking their time to read and decipher the visa requirements. One thing among the visa requirements can disqualify you, leading to a waste of time and resources.

Explore many options

Don’t put your hopes in one country, except if you want to spend years applying for a visa in the same country. Appy to as many countries as possible to increase your chances of being chosen by one of the countries.

Have verified record

Don’t lie during your visa application, one untrue piece of information can lead to your visa application being disapproved and you can even be banned from applying for some years.


Vocational schools don’t usually come to people’s minds when they are thinking of moving to any European country. What they don’t know is that this is an opportunity as you can easily move to a European country using this visa for free. The requirements are pretty straightforward and easy to fulfill. Countries like Finland, Germany, Norway, and Austria can give you vocational study visas without complications.

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