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Getting Fully Funded US Scholarship Made Easy

Getting Fully Funded US Scholarship Made Easy

A fully funded scholarship is one of the essential things that a student, both local and international students are always looking for. A fully funded scholarship will help you to complete your academics within the specified time of the scholarship without having to worry about any tuition fees. Sometimes a fully-funded scholarship may only cover all the tuition fees or cover both the tuition fees and accommodation fees.


Not having the right knowledge about the process of applying for these scholarships in the US has made a lot of them miss out on their chances of being a student at a US university. This is a guide that will help you learn how to find out the best fully funded scholarships that are available in the US with low competition.

How To Find US Schools That Offer US Scholarship

Here is a step-by-step process of how you can find schools in the United States that can offer you a fully-funded scholarship.

Look For Uncommon Schools In Less Popular States:

The number one mistake that students who are looking for a fully-funded scholarship to the US make is that they keep making use of Google to look for popular universities in well-known US states. The problem with this is that these well-known states have higher competition which in turn means a low acceptance rate. Here are some of the universities in the US and some of the fully-funded scholarship that is provided:

  1. University of Chicago-this university gives students fully funded scholarships through Stamps scholarship
  2. The University of Rochester-Scholarships are facilitated by Alan and Jane Handler Endowed Scholarship
  3. Duke University-this university gives students fully funded scholarships through The Robertson Scholars Leadership Program
  4. University of Michigan– Scholarships are facilitated by Stamps scholarship
  5. Clemson University -this university give students fully funded scholarship through National Scholars Program

Scrutinize Acceptance rate:

It is not about the number of applications that you have sent up to different universities, it is about your chances of getting a scholarship in those universities. Before making any application, check the acceptance rate of those universities, anything below 70% acceptance rate should be avoided.

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Look for schools with lower grade requirements:

If you don’t want competition with the best brains, one of the best ways to avoid these is to look for schools that are not right with their grade requirements. For instance, go for schools that only require a CV and not a test score when applying for admission and scholarship.

Use different search engines:

Don’t rely only on Google to find schools that have options for less competitive fully-funded scholarships. Make use of Bing, yahoo search, and even call embassies to enquire about scholarships from them.

How To Find Organizations That Offer US Scholarships And How To Apply.

Here is how you can find organizations that offer international students fully funded scholarships and how you can apply.

Use Country Embassies:

This is a very less known way of looking for organizations that offer scholarships. Get the number of the embassies of countries you want to apply for scholarships and make inquiries from them about organizations in their county that are currently offering scholarships.

Exhaust Every Search options:

Most of the time, the best organizations that offer fully funded scholarships are not on Google or any other search engine first search result 5 pages. Make a deep and concise search for these organizations to find the best.

Make Use Of less Known School website:

You can actually make fewer school websites to look for organizations that offer scholarships. This is because there is less competition here for those looking for scholarships.


This is a list of some organizations in the United States that help international students by giving them scholarships:

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When you find a suitable organization and want to apply, these are the general steps that you can follow:

Visit the organization’s website:

When you find an organization that offers a fully-funded scholarship to US universities, click and visit their website first.

Read the criteria or requirements:

Find the criteria for receiving the organization’s scholarship and check if you are qualified for them.

Apply and Provide the necessary documents:

Make Use that your application for the scholarship is neat and provide all the necessary documents that are required of you. When submitting documents, only submit those that were asked of, nothing more and nothing less.

Requirements For Getting US Scholarship

Here are some of the general things that are essential if you want to be considered when applying for a US scholarship:

A score Above Average:

Having a score that is more than average will give you a good advantage more than having an average or bad score. For instance, if the average score for a scholarship is a 2.5 average, try and have a score that is higher than that.

Extracurricular and volunteering record:

In some cases, having a verified and long record of extracurricular activities can help you secure a scholarship rather than a good score. Both of them are required though when you are applying for scholarships in the United States.


A specific type and number of documents are required when you are applying for a US Scholarship and this includes:

  1.  Scholarship application form
  2. Copy of your academic transcripts/diplomas
  3. Statement of purpose
  4. Recommendation letter
  5. Copy of your passport/ID
  6. Test score
  7. Proof of your language proficiency such as the IELTS test
  8. An essay
  9. Medical report.

Tricks And Tips That Can Help You Get US Scholarship Faster

To get a US Scholarship, you have to do some things differently from the way others do them, and here are some tricks and tips that will help you land a US Scholarship faster and easier.

Be time conscious:

Not keeping to deadlines is what has made a lot of students miss out on scholarships. Sometimes the application deadline of the scholarship organization is different from that of the school. Check for these deadlines and make sure that you meet up with them.

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Do Things Differently:

To Get a US Scholarship faster, you have to do a lot of things differently. For instance, you don’t need to look for universities the same way others do. Explore other options that are not usually explored by so many other people.

Explore as many options as possible:

Don’t apply to two or three universities and then be hoping for a scholarship. This does not mean that you should not be hopeful, rather it means that you should send at least a minimum of 5 to 10 scholarship applications to make sure that at least one or two universities will consider you.

Have a huge verifiable record and portfolio:

Students are sometimes not prepared before applying for scholarships and this is bad if you really need one. Have a verifiable track record of extracurricular activities, and volunteer to increase your chances of winning a scholarship.

Be neat in your application and follow directions:

Make sure that your application is presentable to the eye and neat and also make sure that you follow all the directions provided. Don’t add more information than you are expected to provide and also don’t provide less.

Check your eligibility:

To avoid wasting your time on scholarship application forms which may end up being that you are not eligible, always look out for eligibility. Check if you are qualified for a scholarship beforehand to avoid time-wasting.


Information is everything because without the necessary information you will make mistakes and more mistakes in whatever you are doing. The same thing applies when you are seeking a fully-funded scholarship in the United States. But with the information above, you can be able to apply for scholarships and have confidence that you will be considered by a university.


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