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Best Spain Visa Types for African Immigrants

Best Spain Visa Types for African Immigrants

If you’re an African immigrant considering moving to Spain, there are several different types of visas you may be eligible for. Before traveling to Spain, it’s important to find out what type of visa you qualify for and how long you can stay in the country with that visa. It’s also important to note that your visa status has implications on whether or not you can work while in Spain, or if you need to apply for separate work authorization once there. The following list outlines the most common types of visas that African immigrants have used successfully when moving to Spain.

Spain Transit Visa


The Spain transit visa allows foreign nationals to spend no more than five days in Spain. The length of time you can remain in Spain on a transit visa depends on what country you are coming from. Some countries can enter and stay for up to 30 days, while others may only be granted 5. There is no limit on how many times you can travel in and out of Spain with a Spanish transit visa, as long as your total trip time remains below five days. However, if you leave Spain using a different non-Schengen country other than the one you entered through, then it will count towards your total time spent traveling in Schengen space under that particular passport.

The required documents to apply for a Spain transit visa are as follows:

  • Visa application form.
  • Two recent photos. Taken within the last three months and according to the requirements for a Schengen visa photo.
  • Valid passport. With at least two blank pages in order to be able to affix the visa sticker in it. It must be no older than ten years and with validity.
  • Documents related to the onward journey to the final destination
    • Return flight ticket reservation showing the ongoing travel to a third country
    • Visa issued by the country of your travel destination in case you need a visa
  • Travel insurance policyThat covers any medical emergencies with a minimum of €30,000.
  • Proof of paid visa fee. Which costs the same as a short-stay visa, which is €60.
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Spain Residence Visa

The most common type of Spain visa is a residence visa, which you must apply for at a Spanish consulate. These visas are available to people who want to work or study in Spain and can be granted indefinitely (that is, they’re not limited to a specific amount of time). There are two types of Spain residence visas those that require an employer to sponsor your application and those that don’t. If you need an employer-sponsored Spain visa, it means that you will have to find a job before applying for your Spain visa. This can be difficult if you don’t speak Spanish fluently or have any relevant experience in Spain. It’s important to note that these types of Spain visas often come with restrictions on where you can live, so make sure to read through all of the fine print before applying! You may also qualify for other types of Spain visas if your situation is more complicated than what we’ve described here.


Spain Work Visa

The best Spain visa type for Africans looking to work in Spain is almost certainly a work visa. Spain has very open-door immigration policies, making it easy and relatively affordable to move there and obtain employment. The first step is understanding what kind of worker you are (temporary, self-employed, or salaried employee) and then determining if you qualify under Spanish labor laws or if you need a work permit. A temporary, non-salaried worker can qualify by showing that they have at least €1,500 available and enough knowledge of Spanish to do their job without an interpreter.

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A self-employed work permit is one of the easiest types of work Visa. If you intend to work as a freelancer, for example, you will need to apply for a self-employed (autónomo) work permit yourself. Learn more about a self-employed Visa here https://www.expatica.com/es/working/self-employment/autonomo-spain-471622/

Spain Student Visa

The Spain student visa is an immigration status granted to a non-European Union citizen who wishes to study in Spain. As an international student, you must apply for and receive a Certificate of Acceptance from your school. This document attests that you have been accepted into and are eligible to attend classes at a Spanish institution. You can then apply for your Student Residence Permit, which you will need in order to secure financing or start working while studying in Spain.

Documents required to apply for a Student Visa

Though the required documentation may vary depending on your case, the required documents required for a Student Visa are:

  • 2 completed Schengen Visa application forms
  • Passport (valid until the end of your stay)
  • ID Card (could be driver’s license or national ID card if applicable)
  • Current student ID
  • 2 recent passport photos (one for each application form)
  • Letter of acceptance from the course provider
  • Health insurance
  • Proof of sufficient funds to cover stay (bank statements)

Spain Family Reunion Visa

If you want to move to Spain with your family, a family reunion visa will be one of your best options. It is possible to bring up to two immediate family members along with you as part of a Spain family reunion visa. If you’re married, your spouse may come as part of your Spain visa application as long as he or she is registered in the Spanish national health system and has been working for at least two years. Parents and children may also qualify under certain circumstances; however, they must apply separately. This application can be complicated so it’s important that you complete all paperwork correctly before submitting it. If there are any errors or omissions in your paperwork, it could lead to processing delays or even rejection by immigration authorities.

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