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All you Need to Know about Immigrating and Working in UAE

All you Need to Know About Immigrating and Working in UAE

If you’re looking to relocate to the UAE, it can be an intimidating process. As the third-largest country in the Arab world, with a growing economy and plenty of job opportunities, there are certainly lots of reasons to do so. There are also some potential pitfalls if you don’t do your research ahead of time! This guide to getting a job in UAE will help you get your visa easily and avoid any problems once you arrive in Dubai or Abu Dhabi.

How to get a job in UAE


What steps should you take when looking for work in Abu Dhabi? There are lots of places where you can find work, whether it’s through recruitment agencies or directly from an employer. It all depends on your level of experience and what type of job you’re looking for. But first, let’s go over what types of jobs exist here. Most ex-pats will be employed by international companies based in Abu Dhabi that deal with oil and gas exploration, financial services, construction, retailing, and hospitality. Some national companies hire foreigners as well but there aren’t as many opportunities at these businesses as there are with multinationals. If you have little or no experience then you’ll probably want to look into working for one of these companies because they tend to offer better benefits than smaller firms do. Smaller businesses often require more responsibility and don’t always provide extensive training programs so if you’re inexperienced then it might be best to apply at larger organizations first before considering going elsewhere (or starting your own business). Regardless of which type of company you decide to work for, obtaining a work visa is necessary before relocating to UAE.

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Companies that Hire Foreigners Casual Works in UAE

Companies that hire foreigners for casual work are Emirates Global Aluminium (EGA), Al Ahli Group of Companies, Dallah Avco, Gulftainer Ports Company, and many more. If you want to find an employer then you should check their website or contact them via email. The companies have different hiring requirements and salary packages so it is important to know what they require before applying. For example, some companies require experience while others don’t care about your previous job history. The salary packages also vary from company to company so it is important to know what they offer before applying. Some companies pay less than others but there are some who provide higher salaries as well.


UAE Work Visa

To get a work visa for UAE, you first need to apply for an offer letter. In case your employer doesn’t give you one, then you can try applying directly at the immigration office. When it comes to fees and processing time, things are different depending on where you apply. The employer can either pay fees themselves or may request a candidate to do so (usually they will). There are various types of work visas depending on position and duration. If your employer plans on transferring you within 6 months then they will only require a sponsorship approval form (No objection certificate) which costs Dh 300. For other positions like engineers, architects, etc., there is no transfer allowed within 3 years. These employees have to go through a regular labor card process costing around Dh 1500. Once you receive your work permit card from Dubai Immigration Department, keep it safe until the end of the employment term and return it back when leaving the country. It is illegal not to return your permit when leaving the country even if you have already applied for an exit permit with NOC from the sponsor company.

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How to Get UAE Work Permit Card

Obtaining a work permit card is mandatory for working in UAE. Your employer will take care of most of the paperwork but you must provide several documents such as a cover letter, CV, passport copy, copies of your degree, and other diplomas and certificates. If you’re on your way to Dubai or Abu Dhabi, here are some ways how to get a job visa quickly with your new company. Once all your documents are ready go through these three steps: apply for a residence visa, transfer all existing bank accounts into one local bank account and receive health insurance from Eshraq. All employers require that before their employees start work they obtain an appointment letter from Eshraq which provides them with insurance coverage for 6 months.

Tips on how to Choose an Ideal Job in Dubai

Dubai has become one of the most popular destinations for job seekers because it offers people unlimited opportunities and possibilities. There are plenty of jobs available in Dubai as compared to other cities, but you need to know how you can succeed. The most important thing is that you should choose your job wisely and make sure that your skills match what is being offered. Many jobs will be posted online and you have to go through each and every one of them before shortlisting them. You also need to prepare yourself for interviews if you want to get selected for any position. It is advisable that you learn about basic etiquette and dressing sense so that you can impress others during an interview. You should not forget about your communication skills either because they play an important role in getting selected for a job. Once you get selected, it is essential that you give your hundred percent so that there are no chances of losing your job at any point in time. You should always think positively and work hard to achieve success. This way, you will get more job opportunities in the future.

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